About Mike Mahoney


Coach Mike Mahoney

My name is Mike Mahoney. I am a direct marketing and sales coach. You ask, what is a sales coach. A sales coach is someone who will work with you as the mentor in your corner to help you achieve your goals and create the business that is tailored for you.

Let’s face it. We all come into our businesses for our own reasons. Personally, I have been an agent in the Greater Boston area for 10 years. For me, I entered into the real estate industry because I wanted to be in a business that allowed me to be the “Captain of my own ship”. You may have a similar reason.

My belief as a coach is that there is no bad way to create a good lead. We each have our strengths. I will teach you to how to add to your strengths. The idea is simple. Find things that you like and can do, and master them. I am not going to try to force feed any client to do anything they won’t do over a sustained time. We find what works, expand on it and keep it simple.

In my real estate business, I personally called expired and cancelled listings. This is a form of cold calling.  I have tremendous success. I know that this is not for everyone. If this is not something you do not want to do, I will not push you to conduct lead generation activities around this method.   My goal is help you create about 6 lead sources that you can continuously improve upon and develop lot’s of business from.  My goal is to get you to create a “sacred six”. These are the six things that you can do over and over again and will hold as sacred non-negotiable items in your daily schedule. I will work with you to nurture your nature.

My goal is to get you from being a “one trick pony” to a well balanced lead generating machine who knows what to say and when to say it.  I will get your self esteem up so that you go into your business on daily basis with confidence know what needs to be done and how to do it.

If you are ready for a coach, I would welcome the opportunity to schedule a complimentary call with me so that we can review your business goals and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Please feel free to email me @ mike@mmahoney.com or call me @ 617.980.9025.


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