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The Daily Dose of Mojo is a quick to the point topic related to the real estate sales profession.
These short web based training sessions change daily in the morning. Members can see the archives in the members only section of the daily dose.  If you are interested in seeing more of these types of videos and training quick clips…please consider joining my coaching program.

Coach Mike Mahoney
Thursday, December 1st 2011

No Matter What The Starbucks Will be Open and The Mail Will Come Until December 24th…What Will You Be Doing?

Why is is that today is December 1st and many of the peers and the agents in our offices are off on holidays already? Hmmm…listen in for today’s mojo

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Coach Mike Mahoney


2 Responses to The Daily Dose of Mojo

  1. Mike, that was a welcomed message and so true……..I sometimes rush out without reading my daily devotional and it does make a difference in how I start each and every day, I have enough negative voices in my own head – I certainly don’t need anymore.
    Your a breath of fresh air……Thanks

  2. Paul Shao says:

    awesome! love the energy, love the message!

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