Free Materials

The following materials are samples that are provided to members.

Coaching Call on Expired Listings

Hosted on October 27th, here is the abridge version. Members get the whole
thing in the “Members Only” Section.

Coaching Call on Expired Listings

Coaching Call on Open Houses Audio Only

This was the call recorded on 10/25/2011. We review some techniques for getting more people into the open house and how to engage them.
click here to listen to our conference on open houses from today

Each day as part of the coaching program, I create relevant content designed to get the salespeople I coach and mentor stimulated to perform. Below please find two samples of daily material that is sent.   As part of coaching, there are also two weekly group coaching calls. These calls are recorded and can be listened to in the members only section.

Hear a sample of one of the weekly group calls here

Systems and Checklists

by Mike Mahoney |


Today I went to an Au Bon Pain coffee shop in Greater Boston and witnessed one of the things that truly make them successful.

The manager was at the counter using a checklist called the opening checklist.

You see with a checklist, you are able to deliver a consistent process to the consumer and along the way deliver it without stress and burnout.

Do you have systems? Do you have checklists? Are you just winging it?

You see when you have systems, you will know what to say to a customer/client and you will know how to process their transaction.

Listen in as I describe my experience in the video below.

Postlets Tutorial
by Mike Mahoney |
Here is a quick tutorial on how to do a postlets ad. This 5 minute tutorial will get you up and running on how to create an ad for Craiglist using


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