Mike, that was a welcomed message and so true……..I sometimes rush out without reading my daily devotional and it does make a difference in how I start each and every day, I have enough negative voices in my own head – I certainly don’t need anymore.

Your a breath of fresh air……Thanks Mary Mulligan

I was looking for information on the web and came across Mike Mahoney’s site and decided to call him.to my surprise he is a great guy who is truly interested in helping his students reach their real potential. I have decided to sign up for his coaching which he offers at really great rates. Thanks mike for making me believe in myself again.  Peter S. – Florida

Mike Mahoney gets it.  There are many professionals that say one thing and do another.  Mike has a very strict regiment that he sticks to and he believes strongly in for success.  For example, one who is coached by him must stick to the tasks if one is to grow and gain positive results.  Scripts and dialogues are necessary if one is to push through the resistance that is commonly seen in real estate.  Mike has those S/D successfully down to a science and he shares them effortlessly with his agent clients…I highly recommend Mike to coach you to success. Professionally, Jay McHugh

I usually have 5 open directionals up… I dont put them up super early, but I may try that next time… I have brochure boxes. I’ve thought about shooting short videos, now I’m thinking about it more. I always pick up little tricks from your calls… good times. thank you sir… James S.


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