Into the Home Stretch

Now that the start of the school year is here…it signifies the start of the last quarter. We as Realtors are coming into the home stretch.

We need to focus like a laser in the last 3 months of the year. Post Labor Day, many people will start the "back to school season" with new ideas and be trying to implement new things today and throughout this week because it seems natural to begin anew since it’s the "beginning of the school year". I would caution you to stick to what works. Most companies only have 5-6 things that make them money and they do great things with those 5 or 6 things. We should be focusing on the 5-6 things that bring in the leads we need to round out the year. I have always worked with clients on building what I call the sacred 6. This is the 6 things that you must do before you do anything else in your real estate business on daily basis Monday through Friday.

You can make or break the year in the next three months. It’s your choice.

I had a conversation with someone yesterday about all the calls the Internet companies place to real estate agents promising the sun, moon, and stars about getting you on the 1st page of Google.

Now is not the time to make these types of implementations…now is the time to focus on what has worked and been working and develop consistency and laser focus around those. Save any ideas and things you may want to add to the mix for December when things naturally slow down due to the holiday season.

Make it a GREAT DAY! Coach Mike Mahoney @

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