Business Coaching for Realtors

Business Coaching for Realtors

I recently had an excellent conversation with a Realtor from San Diego county who was looking to an enhance her business. I met her because I use Sendoutcards for Realtors

I share with Julie some of campaigns we have used to develop new business.  I was able to build the campaigns here on our Sendoutcards account and then install them onto her account.

After discussing with her what she wanted to get out of her real estate business, I realized that I would be able to help her out in short order.  I put together a really simple proposal for coaching/consulting to get her on her feet.

Each proposal is unique. Most people can get on their “listing feet” in 5 sessions or less. Making of a Listing Agent.  If you would like some coaching similar to this, let’s connect.  You can call me to setup a complimentary 1 hour session @ 617-615-9435


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The Zillow, The FSBO and Sendoutcards

This is a great technique to get FSBOs to call you. See the video below:

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Into the Home Stretch

Now that the start of the school year is here…it signifies the start of the last quarter. We as Realtors are coming into the home stretch.

We need to focus like a laser in the last 3 months of the year. Post Labor Day, many people will start the "back to school season" with new ideas and be trying to implement new things today and throughout this week because it seems natural to begin anew since it’s the "beginning of the school year". I would caution you to stick to what works. Most companies only have 5-6 things that make them money and they do great things with those 5 or 6 things. We should be focusing on the 5-6 things that bring in the leads we need to round out the year. I have always worked with clients on building what I call the sacred 6. This is the 6 things that you must do before you do anything else in your real estate business on daily basis Monday through Friday.

You can make or break the year in the next three months. It’s your choice.

I had a conversation with someone yesterday about all the calls the Internet companies place to real estate agents promising the sun, moon, and stars about getting you on the 1st page of Google.

Now is not the time to make these types of implementations…now is the time to focus on what has worked and been working and develop consistency and laser focus around those. Save any ideas and things you may want to add to the mix for December when things naturally slow down due to the holiday season.

Make it a GREAT DAY! Coach Mike Mahoney @

Call to setup a free coaching call today. 617-980-9025

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Poor Soil…Poor Growth…Rich Soil….Rich Abundant Growth

Affirmations are like seeds planted in the soil. The more you choose to think thoughts that make you feel yourself powerful, the more powerful you become.The richer the thoughts you put into your fertile mind, the better your chances for growth.
What you say to yourself can help you or hurt.

It was once said that your mind is like a farmer’s lot. A farmer’s lot with rich soil cannot distinguish between a seed of poison ivy or a seedling of corn.  If you water and give sun to a bad thought it will grow just as well as a good thought.

Today, take a moment and think about some good thoughts for yourself. It only takes 30 seconds and it could make all the difference in the world.  

Is there someone who could use a good thought now? Why not send them a card right now. If you are Sendoutcards member, use your points to change change someone’s life.

If you don’t have a Sendoutcards account, you can send a free card on me by visiting my site @ – Simply click on the Send A Card button on the right and it will walk you through designing a card and posting it to the post office in three minutes.

I will pay for the card and the postage if you can change someone’s day today.




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Business Autopsy for Realtors

As a coach, I find that many Realtors just don’t know where to get leads. I think they are relying on business to come to them.  If you want your business to improve, you need to go out and find business on a daily basis. Many Realtors just don’t know where to begin or perhaps think that cold calling expired listings and fsbos is the only way to get any new business. 

As a coach, I will teach you the fantastic 5 or the sacred 6. These are habits that you will form as a result of working together we will develop a consistent and steady stream of business attraction methods that will turn into closed deals for your business.

I am offering a 1 hour free coaching session to see what you might learn from working together. If it is a good fit for you, we can work on a coaching plan to get you up an running with some new lead generation strategies.

If you are interested in the free coaching session, email me @ or call me @ 617-980-9025

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You need to have more gratitude to be successful…

Lately we have been exposed too much negativity here in Boston. From the Marathon bombings; New England Patriot murder charge; and the Whitey Bulger trial-it seems as though all we are exposed to is negative news. And this can condition our brains to live in negativity and scarcity.

I went to dinner with the kids a couple of nights ago down at the beach and all I could see scrolling across the screen was the negative newsfeed of the moment. It’s amazing there are not more suicides just from people watching the news.

I choose not to watch this stuff. It does nothing personally for me and certainly will not help my real estate business.

Instead, I choose to think about all of the good in life and this includes the people and the relationships I am thankful for.

Today, I am meeting with a client who I met for the 1st time last week. We put their property on the market and I was able to get it under agreement in a few days. This property had been on the market a before with another agent and they were not able to get anything done. This same client just introduced me to their in-laws. It’s amazing how far sending a card and small token of appreciation for their relationship can go.

I was sitting in a Starbucks this morning writing my Blog before a scheduled meeting with a new client and I am reminded of all the good there is out there.
I am meeting a client who will probably be putting an offer on a house near the beach which is something they have wanted to do their entire life.

When I get the property under agreement, I will send the agent, the home inspector and their attorney a great thank you card recognizing all of their hard work in helping me closer towards a sale. This will most likely result in great referrals and lasting relationships that will be formed be formed. Ahhh the good in life…..

I send 7 cards this morning of varying degrees…
My neighbor offered me Red Sox tickets…definitely worthy of a card. A cousin’s missed birthday. Sent a card and personalized it with a great pic I downloaded from Facebook. I closed on a house a couple of weeks with a woman who was downsizing to a condo. I made her a three panel card with all of the pictures of the house that I sold for her so she would have something to keep and cherish the time she spend in her home. A prospective client’s daughter was in a car accident, I sent her a get well/ouch card.

I met a real estate listing client the other night. They had two young kids. I send the kids brownies. What do you think the client will think of that?

One prospect client said she met with someone last year, and she hit it off okay with that person. I keep sending cards when I have a prompting or a reason to send it to her. I am getting closer to that listing one card at a time.

What is the common factor here? SendOutCards has provided a tool to not only build relationships but to increase my real estate business like no other tool in 12 years…..I simply keep an eye out for things to be grateful for.

Whether you decide to use SendoutCards or not it’s okay with me. Do me a favor, just turn off the negative newsfeed once in awhile. Look for things to be GRATEFUL for.

Try sending a card on me for free..honestly no strings attached.

check out

I am participating in the 30 Gratitude Challenge. I essentially am sending cards of gratitude to people everyday for the next 30 days.
You can see more about this @

Frankly, the more cards, brownies, and gifts I send-the more business and referrals I have … it is that simple.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don’t believe everything you think….

The other day I was meeting with a prospective homebuyer client on Broadway in Cambridge near The Cambridge Public Library.  After the meeting, I saw a little red car parked in front of me. On the bumper of that car was a bumper sticker that said don’t believe everything you think.

As a professional sales person and as a business coach, I thought how appropriate. How many times during the week do we see someone else doing something that looks interesting and ask ourselves how come we are not doing that, or how come I don’t do that for marketing. There is some truth is in the little bumper sticker. Bottomline, don’t believe everything you think.

dont believe everything you think

There are things that naturally work for you…they are easy for you to do and work because you will do them, however they may not be as glamorous as someone else’s marketing…then we get caught up in what could we do to imitate that person because it looks better than what we are doing….now for the truth….as a salesperson/marketer there are things that you do that may be working. ..however you get bored by them, then see someone else’s flashy shiny marketing and get all hopped up by it. Then you forget about what works and then move onto this new shiny object and forget about what works.

If you have something that is working like your expired listing campaign or perhaps a by referral only based on teachings of Brian Buffini then stick with it and expand on that…don’t decide that you are going to do video blogging on whim because someone else is doing it. I am not saying don’t expand. I am saying that you should expand on something that is working now and make it part of the routine that you will actually do. If you are not an outgoing person, video blogging may not be natural for you and once the shininess wears off you will stop doing it. You cannot believe everything you think. Your mind is like a drunken monkey trying to find someone new all the time. You need to focus.

This is what coaching will bring to you…coaching is about awareness, education and accountability. With these three things you will be unstoppable.

If you are interested in expanding and growing on top of what you have maybe you should take a 1 hour coaching call for fee with me…

Give it a try….617.615.9435

We will work on what will work best for you and develop marketing practices and sales techniques that you will actually execute.

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What If…MLK did not have a DREAM?

All too often, I get a great idea and it sits in my little head and I don’t execute it right away. Inevitably, I end up spending  a lot of time thinking about it…I come up with some reason to procrastinate or come up with a serious case of “excusitis”…I am sure you do as well…

What if…what if all the GREAT though leaders and people who made amazing changes in the world played it safe?

This morning a friend of mine (Carmine Camertao of AlphaGraphics in Boston) reminded of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his successes.

It started out with the question what if…what would have happened if Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream. What if he did not travel over 6 million miles and give more tan 2500 speeches.

What if he thought he could never move mountains…or that he was too young to make a dent in the world?

Where would society be if Martin Luther King played it safe?

Why do you play it safe? Why do you not reach out and try for more? Is it comfort? Is it complacency? What ideas have you thought about and come down with severe case of “excusitis”?

A business acquaintance of mine…Mr. Jim Hood of Hood Design reminded me one time that sometimes you have to climb out onto the branches since all the best fruit is often further than our reach, but we often have a tendency to only reach for what can reach from the ground. 

Carmine had been after me, to expand my business using a certain marketing technique for about a year and I never did. It was through Carmine’s prompting that I am now implementing something I have been thinking about for a long time. When left up to doing it myself I would probably not have even started…I would have played it safe.

This is what coaching is…coaching is about creating an awareness, educating you on how to change and keeping you accountable. Thinking about hiring a sales coach or sales mentor…Try me out..make the call…the first one is on me…617.615.9435.

Today’s motivation was from my BNI Meeting that I attended at Sonsie on Newbury Street. Thinking about growing your business through BNI, come visit our BNI Boston chapter @

Thanks for visiting http:///


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Success is achieved in inches not miles…what will you start to do an inch at a time today?



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How to Make Sure You Send an Home Anniversary Card and New Home Card to the Owners

One of things we tend to lose sight of as Realtor is what happens after we sell a home. It is critical to follow up with clients after the sales since they will be able to send you referral business and most likely will become a repeat customer if you play your cards right. 

Today, I want to show you how quickly I am able to get a new card out to a first time home buyer after their purchase. I will also show you how I will be sending them an anniversary card on the date of their purchase. This will send them a card every year on the date of the purchase. In addition to that, it will send me a reminder via email every year as well. Then I can drop a line to them. This is database marketing in the most simple form. 

The beauty of this is that I am able to do this once and it will repeat itself over and over again without my intervention, which gives me the ability to work on my business instead of in it. 

See the 1 minute process of sending in the Welcome Home Card Video

In this second short video, I will show you how I now will be sending them a card on the anniversary date of theirHome Purchase Date

To top it off, I will also be adding in an an annual birthday card.

People like to do business with who the know like and trust. This definitely plays right into that. 

If you are using Sendoutcards and need a little help, please feel free to reach out to me.

If you are not using Sendoutcards you can try a free card on my web site which is

If you would like to get a membership, you can get access for with ability to send 10 cards or 20 post cards for $9.80 month. This is all with no commitment nor contract. 

Let me know what I can do for you.


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