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My name is Mike Mahoney. I am a Realtor who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. I have been a licensed and practicing Realtor in Greater Boston for the last 12 years. I am full time. A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to SendoutCards.

Sendoutcards is an online system which allows people to send personalized greeting cards and gifts to clients and friends. I started with a 10/month account.

When I started with it, I basically used the system to fulfill what I will call a prompting. A prompting is when you have a thought about someone like a client or a friend in your day to day thoughts. Most people don’t act on their promptings and often have regrets that they didn’t. A lot of Realtors will say “I ought to follow up on so and so” and the next thing you know you find out that they purchased a home or perhaps put their house on the market. With I am able to act on these promptings from Ipad or computer almost instantly from wherever I am.

Fast forward, I ended up upgrading to a $31/month account which allows me to send about 50 personalized greeting card a month. I use these greeting cards for clients, prospects, vendors and friends to follow up, say thanks, and offer well wishes on a birthday or major event in their lives. I in turn, convert a card which cost me almost $1.06 in a multi thousand dollar real estate commission. I have witnessed this same thing with chiropractors, insurance agents, attorneys, mortgage brokers and dentist. Almost anyone who is in business where they come into contact with people can replicate this system.

Now, I ended up becoming such a believer in the law of attraction, appreciation marketing and general good will towards others that I decided to become an independent distributor for SendoutCards.

If you have an interest in SendoutCards, I would be happy to personally assist you with it. I will also give you FREE Access to test it out and send a card to yourself or to a loved on.

If you like what you see, I can get you started for $9.80/month with no contract and no commitment.

Here is an example of how I turned a .63/cent post card into 

This is todays story of how I turned 1 postcard that cost me 63 cents into an 8k commission. This was a listing that was originally expired and I picked it up. Then it was taken off the market due to personal matters. Then I lost contact which we all do and then usually end up regretting it.

I then decided to take action using something so simple and it created an amazing opportunity. Lead follow up is the key in any business. I sent the owner a Valentines Day Card to follow up since she had kind of fallen out of my sphere of influence.

I use Sendoutcards consistently to create success in my real estate practice. I have tons of little videos with tips and tricks I used to make it rain. (My SendoutCards Web Page is


If you are interested in sendoutcards Please feel free to contact me…I can get you setup for under 10/month with no contract and no commitment. 



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