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One to One and Group Coaching

My one to one coaching is basically a minimum of 1.5 hour one to one webinar where we are online and on the telephone together and I teach you how to prospect, market and close real estate transactions. A lot of my focus will be on easy, lucrative and fun marketing campaigns you can get quick results from without having dedicate entire days to. I teach you the Sacred 6. Six things you can do inside out, day in and day out that will bring in the deals.

Topics include:

  • Direct Selling
  • Scripts and Dialogues
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Improving Productivity via Technology

Weekly  One on One Mojo Coaching Cost is $397.00

One on One Coaching

Weekly MOJO One on One coaching is a weekly based program where you will be exposed to topics relating to sales. Topics will include lead generation strategies, technical/Internet topics, prospecting techniques,scripts, and providing quality customer service.

We will work specifically on developing a lead generation/marketing system and follow up system for your business.

These will be delivered via live webinar and on a conference line to you personally while speaking with me.

The coaching process begins with one complimentary session. This is where you and I get to see if it is a good fit.

We will identify specific projects that will get you to the next level that you want to get to. Together we will determine the path to get you there.
We will then work on a weekly basis together to work towards your  goals.

The basic package where I give you all the MOJO is $397.00 for four calls with two half hour followup calls saved for problem solving and trouble shooting techniques you are implementing after the 4 one one webinars.

Interested? Call or TEXT me @ 617-980-9025

There is only a 4 call commitment at $397.00. You can pay via Paypal or check if you would prefer.

Please call 617.980.9025 to arrange a complimentary call to see if we are a good fit before we get started. If you would prefer to make contact via the web, use the form above. Thank you. 

Please email to get started or call us @ 617.980.9025.


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