You need to have more gratitude to be successful…

Lately we have been exposed too much negativity here in Boston. From the Marathon bombings; New England Patriot murder charge; and the Whitey Bulger trial-it seems as though all we are exposed to is negative news. And this can condition our brains to live in negativity and scarcity.

I went to dinner with the kids a couple of nights ago down at the beach and all I could see scrolling across the screen was the negative newsfeed of the moment. It’s amazing there are not more suicides just from people watching the news.

I choose not to watch this stuff. It does nothing personally for me and certainly will not help my real estate business.

Instead, I choose to think about all of the good in life and this includes the people and the relationships I am thankful for.

Today, I am meeting with a client who I met for the 1st time last week. We put their property on the market and I was able to get it under agreement in a few days. This property had been on the market a before with another agent and they were not able to get anything done. This same client just introduced me to their in-laws. It’s amazing how far sending a card and small token of appreciation for their relationship can go.

I was sitting in a Starbucks this morning writing my Blog before a scheduled meeting with a new client and I am reminded of all the good there is out there.
I am meeting a client who will probably be putting an offer on a house near the beach which is something they have wanted to do their entire life.

When I get the property under agreement, I will send the agent, the home inspector and their attorney a great thank you card recognizing all of their hard work in helping me closer towards a sale. This will most likely result in great referrals and lasting relationships that will be formed be formed. Ahhh the good in life…..

I send 7 cards this morning of varying degrees…
My neighbor offered me Red Sox tickets…definitely worthy of a card. A cousin’s missed birthday. Sent a card and personalized it with a great pic I downloaded from Facebook. I closed on a house a couple of weeks with a woman who was downsizing to a condo. I made her a three panel card with all of the pictures of the house that I sold for her so she would have something to keep and cherish the time she spend in her home. A prospective client’s daughter was in a car accident, I sent her a get well/ouch card.

I met a real estate listing client the other night. They had two young kids. I send the kids brownies. What do you think the client will think of that?

One prospect client said she met with someone last year, and she hit it off okay with that person. I keep sending cards when I have a prompting or a reason to send it to her. I am getting closer to that listing one card at a time.

What is the common factor here? SendOutCards has provided a tool to not only build relationships but to increase my real estate business like no other tool in 12 years…..I simply keep an eye out for things to be grateful for.

Whether you decide to use SendoutCards or not it’s okay with me. Do me a favor, just turn off the negative newsfeed once in awhile. Look for things to be GRATEFUL for.

Try sending a card on me for free..honestly no strings attached.

check out

I am participating in the 30 Gratitude Challenge. I essentially am sending cards of gratitude to people everyday for the next 30 days.
You can see more about this @

Frankly, the more cards, brownies, and gifts I send-the more business and referrals I have … it is that simple.


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