Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don’t believe everything you think….

The other day I was meeting with a prospective homebuyer client on Broadway in Cambridge near The Cambridge Public Library.  After the meeting, I saw a little red car parked in front of me. On the bumper of that car was a bumper sticker that said don’t believe everything you think.

As a professional sales person and as a business coach, I thought how appropriate. How many times during the week do we see someone else doing something that looks interesting and ask ourselves how come we are not doing that, or how come I don’t do that for marketing. There is some truth is in the little bumper sticker. Bottomline, don’t believe everything you think.

dont believe everything you think

There are things that naturally work for you…they are easy for you to do and work because you will do them, however they may not be as glamorous as someone else’s marketing…then we get caught up in what could we do to imitate that person because it looks better than what we are doing….now for the truth….as a salesperson/marketer there are things that you do that may be working. ..however you get bored by them, then see someone else’s flashy shiny marketing and get all hopped up by it. Then you forget about what works and then move onto this new shiny object and forget about what works.

If you have something that is working like your expired listing campaign or perhaps a by referral only based on teachings of Brian Buffini then stick with it and expand on that…don’t decide that you are going to do video blogging on whim because someone else is doing it. I am not saying don’t expand. I am saying that you should expand on something that is working now and make it part of the routine that you will actually do. If you are not an outgoing person, video blogging may not be natural for you and once the shininess wears off you will stop doing it. You cannot believe everything you think. Your mind is like a drunken monkey trying to find someone new all the time. You need to focus.

This is what coaching will bring to you…coaching is about awareness, education and accountability. With these three things you will be unstoppable.

If you are interested in expanding and growing on top of what you have maybe you should take a 1 hour coaching call for fee with me…

Give it a try….617.615.9435

We will work on what will work best for you and develop marketing practices and sales techniques that you will actually execute.


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