What If…MLK did not have a DREAM?

All too often, I get a great idea and it sits in my little head and I don’t execute it right away. Inevitably, I end up spending  a lot of time thinking about it…I come up with some reason to procrastinate or come up with a serious case of “excusitis”…I am sure you do as well…

What if…what if all the GREAT though leaders and people who made amazing changes in the world played it safe?

This morning a friend of mine (Carmine Camertao of AlphaGraphics in Boston) reminded of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his successes.

It started out with the question what if…what would have happened if Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream. What if he did not travel over 6 million miles and give more tan 2500 speeches.

What if he thought he could never move mountains…or that he was too young to make a dent in the world?

Where would society be if Martin Luther King played it safe?

Why do you play it safe? Why do you not reach out and try for more? Is it comfort? Is it complacency? What ideas have you thought about and come down with severe case of “excusitis”?

A business acquaintance of mine…Mr. Jim Hood of Hood Design reminded me one time that sometimes you have to climb out onto the branches since all the best fruit is often further than our reach, but we often have a tendency to only reach for what can reach from the ground. 

Carmine had been after me, to expand my business using a certain marketing technique for about a year and I never did. It was through Carmine’s prompting that I am now implementing something I have been thinking about for a long time. When left up to doing it myself I would probably not have even started…I would have played it safe.

This is what coaching is…coaching is about creating an awareness, educating you on how to change and keeping you accountable. Thinking about hiring a sales coach or sales mentor…Try me out..make the call…the first one is on me…617.615.9435.

Today’s motivation was from my BNI Meeting that I attended at Sonsie on Newbury Street. Thinking about growing your business through BNI, come visit our BNI Boston chapter @ http://www.backbaybni.com/

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  1. jaymchugh says:


    Jay McHugh Thanks to all who attended the RainMaker and SuperMom Event More great events to follow…

    Astronomy Day in Brookline May 18th.

    RE/MAX Balloon Rides and much more 12-8 pm

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