Who are You Hanging Around With?


Today I spend a few minutes asking clients about who you are spending time with and how are those folks helping you.

I recently used this at a sales training session online for realtor and also at a BNI session where I gave an educational moment..

Here are my notes…

You are the average of the 5 people that you hang around with most.
You can’t send a duck to eagle school…and expect it to soar when it naturally wants to waddle.

YOu cannot teach someone to serve
You cannot teach someone to smile
You can only look for people with those
qualities and try to associate with them.

If you were planning to
climb a tree would you
take a lesson from a squirrel
or a horse?

Think about it. Would you want to hang around the waddlers or the soarers?

If you were to systematically go through your client database and maybe even personal friends and colleagues and rate
everyone on an ABC priortity…do you think some of the C’s should become D’s for delete…

Most of the time we hang around with the same people and do the same things
sheerly our of habit…

I am your constant companion.
I am your greatest asset or heaviest burden.
I will push you up to success or down to disappointment.
I am at your command.
Half the things you do might just as well be turned over to me.
For I can do them quickly, correctly and profitably.
I am easily managed; just be firm with me.
Those who are great, I have made great.
Those who are failures, I have made failures.
I am not a machine, though I work with the precision of a
machine and the intelligence of a person.
You can run me for profit, or you can run me for ruin.
Show me how you want it done. Educate me. Train me.
Lead me. Reward me.
And I will then…do it automatically.
I am your servant.
Who am I?
I am a habit.

What can you change today…or who can you call and get an appointment with to change 1 of the 5 that is causing your average to be lowered?


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My name is Michael Mahoney. I am a real estate agent in Boston Mass. I specialize in Boston real estate listings. You can see all my listings and homes in the are @ http://www.HomesinBostonMass.com. Feel free to reach out to me at 617-615-9435. Michael Mahoney 617.980.9025 mike@mmahoney.com
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