Using What You’ve Got Instead of Prospecting for Gold

Brokers Recruting

Brokers Recruiting Always Looking for the Gold

I just read a great article on accountability on the Realtor Magazine website.
It talked about we all get the calls and the letters from brokers looking to recruit us or thanking us for co-brokering on a deal with their company. These are essentially recruiting tactics.
The article below was written by Dave Robison out of Utah aka UTAH Dave. It was featured on the Realtor Magazine website.

Recruiting is a fallback for brokers. If they were profitable with what they had and built upon the agents in the office that are there now, they wouldn’t have to recruit a 100 of your nearest and dearest competitors. Dave’s article talks about how brokers need to embrace accountability. They focus too much on recruiting. They view recruiting your competitor as their only way to profitability. 

Dave makes the suggestion that with accountability you could have more profitability. Working with what you have is often more profitable than going out and finding the “greatest thing”.  

If brokerages focused more on what they had in the stable, they may find they have some race horses that could be the next derby winner with a few coaching sessions.

Here is what Dave has to say “I believe there is a brokerage of the future that would embrace this principles of accountability. Today, if a brokerage wants to grow profitability, they recruit an unlimited amount of agents.  They may promise to help you be more successful, however, they are free to recruit your competition to help them be profitable as well.  If we are to apply the principles of accountability to a brokerage, then it would be structured differently. Imagine a brokerage where they only had a limited amount of agents.  Let’s say 100 agents.  How would they grow profitability?  The only way they would grow is if their 100 agents continually sold more homes and were more successful. Now their focus is on you being more successful (not recruiting their fallback) because they are held accountable to it. I believe the broker/owners would innovate and personally grow from it. This is a brokerage that puts their money where their mouth is.”

The funny part of this article for me was that every broker I have worked for is always looking for introductions to your friends in the business and then they want to help your friends become successful and then compete against you.

Brokers spend way too much focus on bringing in the new agent. Brokers need to build on what they have. The brokers that build what they have and make the people around them rise naturally attract more agents. I have seen this with a good friend of mine who is a Keller Williams Team Leader. He invests in the agents that he has on staff and those agents do better and more people come to his firm because people are curious about why so and so is doing so well. Honestly, his coaching and teaching is what has helped them. He could work for ABC realty and get the same result.
If you are looking to change brokerages, make sure you talk to as many of the agents as you can to get a feel for what it is really like. Is there a culture of growth for the people in the stable now or is the broker focused on bringing in a gazillion agents.
Bottomline, the only person who is going to care about you as much as humanly possible is you. You need to seek career development, coaching and training to adopt a philosophy of lifelong learning for yourself.The best things happens for me when I sought out coaching on my own and didn’t rely on what my broker was going to do for me.

It would be nice as Dave mentions if the brokers focused on accountability and helped us, but most brokers are worried about the next agent they are going to bring in so they can pay their bills.

You can read the article in it’s entireity here: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.
If you are looking to improve upon your skills, whether it be with techie stuff, direct marketing or learning how to list expired and FSBO’s give me a call. We can develop a cost effective plan to get you off to the races.
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