Chinese Proverb Tells it All

Coach Mike Mahoney of

January 9th 2012

There is a Chinese proverb that says “Talk does not cook the rice”.

Think about that one. What have you completed for the first week of the new year?  Did you have a plan? Did you create anything new?

If you have not started it’s not too late. There are 51 weeks left in the year. Just don’t say “oh good…there are 51 weeks left in the year”.

Over the weekend, I was painting a large room in my house and every I wanted to take a break or slack off I said to myself “talk does not cook the rice” and quickly got back to work as a result of those 6 words being played out.

What are you talking about in your head this morning? Remember…talk does not cook the rice.

Have a GREAT Monday!


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