What is Amazing is that You Have Everything You Need and Still You Won’t Do it…Why is that?

You Have Everything You Need Within YouWhat is Amazing is that You Have Everything You Need and Still You Won’t Do it…Why is that?

It’s funny thing about people. Whenever people want to do anything new or do some sort of improvement to themselves they read about it, the consult the internet, or perhaps watch DVDs.

Here is an example, many people will want to loose weight as a New Years resolution. As a result of this intention, they will go to Lululemon ,Gap Body or a local sporting good store and buy some work out cloths, maybe some machinery, or a DVD about an exercise program.  Americans are hooked on their need to have it just right before they can get started.  A lot of people are always getting ready to get ready. I am included in this at times.

The truth is that you have everything you need within in you right now to make improvement in your life.

I hear agents talk about their lack of certain things that prevent them from calling an expired or a for sale by owner. The truth is the same phone they call their buddies from works equally as well for calling an expired or a for sale by owner.  There is no end to the excuses agents will make to not call. Well, I don’t have an office. Well, I need a headset. Well, people in my office will look at me funny.

Let’s have a truthful moment. The car you drove to the office in seems to work well when you are chit chatting with your friends on the phone driving around wasting gas. The blue tooth headset you use in the cars seems to work fine too.

Yes, people will look at you funny in the office if you start into a prospecting fit in front of them. You know who will really look at you funny is your spouse, partner, significant other or the kids who need your support if you don’t create new business. Yet, you won’t make follow calls, prospect calls, sales calls, or any calls. You try to “facebook” yourself some new business.

So, do you now believe that you have everything you need to create new business today?

Maybe you need to buy to Lululemon pants to make it happen.

Look folks, it’s easy. Pickup the phone call an expired or FSBO and say the following:

“I saw that the house was on the market, is it sold or is it still available”? Then take it from there…

Simple…no new cloths…no new headset…maybe some funny looks from the people in your office while you do it, but who cares…they’re broke too!


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