Just as the Grand Canyon was Carved with Relentless Persistence…So too are our Lives

Mikes Mojo Janaury 4th 2012
by Coach Mike Mahoney

Each New Year we are given a blank journal book to write our own yearly story as it develops.

The story develops over the course of 365 days by making one decision at a time.
Each day we have a choice. The choices we make on a daily basis will determine the results we have all year.

In my last post of mojo, I mentioned that if you wake up on January 1st and you have no goals and no business plan that you could begin where you are. You could have a week plan.

If you truly want to be successful, you need to have a daily plan. The daily plan is what will lead you to the successful week…and the successful week to the successful month.

Soft water carved the Grand Canyon not by one big exertion of force, but rather by relentless persistence. Our success and failures are created by persistence as well. The decisions that we make on a daily basis will determine our outcomes.

The journal of 2012 is open. What will you write in your book for the year?


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